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Bottle Packaging Line – Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Dear Mr. Minotto,

Janssen would like to extend special recognition to the following individuals for outstanding job performance during factory acceptance tests and installation of Janseen’s Bottle Packaging Line No. 2 and Quick-Solv® filling/printing line. Both projects are an integral part of our strategy for growth and success, which is of great importance to Janssen.

Throughout any project there always exists barriers and obstacles that must be overcome to hold a project on track. Your staff continually demonstrates a“can do” attitude that is paramount in overcoming project obstacles which, in turn, helps maintain the focus and direction of the project. One example of this was during the installation of the bottle line. Though faced with using “somewhat less than ideal” rental equipment, your crew excelled through installation and even performed work scheduled for the following week, thus eliminating the need for an additional trip! They achieved this through taking the initiative and responding to the obstacle with effective and safe action. This single “problem” could have delayed the installation and set a less than positive tone for the site start-up.

Along with the individuals recognized below we would like to thank all Universal employees who have helped support Janssen projects. We value Universal’s partnership stance in regards to projects of critical importance for Janssen and hope to maintain this form of business relationship.

Thanks again to the Universal Team!!

Ken Riese – Leadman Larry Frey – Leadman
Don Young John Bartman Jim King
Tom Haws Dave Breslin Dave Logic
Jay McClafferty John Buczkowski Gary Smith
Al Toaldo Rick Dillinger
Jeff Logic
Tom Bradford


The Janssen Engineering Team

Debug, Installation and Validation – CIBA Vision a Novartis Company


I wanted to convey to you, in writing, the excellent job that Larry did during the debug, installation and validation of Tortoise Line #7.

While at your place, Larry stayed with us during the entire debug taking notes regarding any mechanical issues. He typically had them fixed by the time I got back to that section of the line, which expedited the debug process.

When we arrived in Batam, the line was fully installed and Larry provided a great summary of the status of checkout. He then stayed with us during the entire debug phase, again noting any mechanical issues and correcting prior to my returning to that section of the line.

Larry’s skill and management enabled a much smoother installation and debug. This permitted John and I to complete validation successfully, the first time through, nearly one week early. On future lines for CIBA Vision, I will definitely request Larry’s involvement and guidance during installation.

John also did a tremendous job as usual. By getting things done correctly the first time, we were able to take the extra few days and correct issues on Lines 5 & 6 that were missed last year.

I would like to let you know that the installation of Line #7 was exactly what is desired. A professional team, completing their sections on time, with good communication among all that enabled us to get the job done on time. We worked hard, but smart. We anticipated issues and resolved them before they slowed progress. It was nice to walk out of the plant knowing that we had accomplished all intended and more, without working 24 hours a day to accomplish it.

Congratulations to Universal and particularly the installation / validation team. I will certainly request the same crews for future lines. Please forward my thanks and gratitude to the whole team.


Kimberly Suchar Hawkes
Head, Packaging Engineering

Labeling Machine Installation – William Grant & Sons, Inc.

Dear Robert,

I am writing this letter to thank you and your team for the exceptional work that was performed at our facility the weeks of July 14 and 21. It has always been a pleasure to work with the employees from Universal and this two-week plant shutdown was no exception. Due to the late delivery of our new labeling machine, the installation schedule became very tight. The team stayed late the first Friday of the shutdown in order to receive the labeler, which was very much appreciated. Other than the labeler almost not fitting through our doors the installation went very smoothly. Once again thank you and the gentlemen listed below for a job well done.

Gary Smith
Terry Hish
Roger Long
John Daly
Ken Leister
Al Sheriff
Bell Heinlein



David Olsen
Plant Manager

Shutdown Work – SPF


This letter is in regards to the shutdown work that was just completed. I’ve been with this company a long time. I’ve seen a lot of change. However, this particular shutdown was definitely the most intense. The amount of manpower to perform the demolition and reconstruction that went on in the SPF facility in such a relatively short time, was astounding. My hat is off to all that were involved.

My, overall, involvement was just a small part. I helped install the new conveyors and feed screw system, and the removal and relocation of some existing equipment. I worked first hand with Universal Machine and Engineering Corporation employees. Jimmy Raysnyder, Greg Littlefield, and Tommy Haus. I’ve never taken the time to express my thanks to outside contractors before. I gain nothing from doing this; it’s just a pat on the back for a job well done. They responded expeditiously and professionally to our ever concern. I feel the end product we received will support our process to meet and/or exceed our demands. Thanks again to Universal Machine.


Bill Cannon
SPF Production Maintenance Mechanic

Transferring a Cartoning Line – PSGA

Dear Mr. Burdan,

PSGA would like to recognize the outstanding results in transferring our packaging line as demonstrated by the following Universal Machine employees:

Jesse Torrens
Ron Hartman
Jay McClafferty
Roger Long
Greg Littlefield
Kevin Hellerick
Tom Warner
John Daly

PSGA set a very aggressive schedule around transferring a cartooning line from our manufacturing plant on the west coast to our manufacturing plant on the east coast. As this is the sole packaging line used to package this product, it was extremely important that the line transfer remained on schedule and without damage to prevent our product supply chain from being compromised. Universal Machine not only met, but also exceeded the original schedule for this project by 1.5 days. Jesse and his team mad the transfer successful through careful planning, flawless execution, and teamwork on the west coast for disassembly and on the east cost for reassembly / startup. Please pass our thanks along to the entire team for their great work in supporting this project!


Timothy Farnsworth

Senior Engineer



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